The Bloom Experience
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Directed by Bloom
Produced by Dylan Brady
Filmed by Lewis Grant
Edited by Dylan Brady and Lewis Grant

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St. Louis' Bloom delivers a powerful performance in the self-directed video for her debut song.

St. Louis has a bubbling music scene right now that continues to delight and surprise. At the center of all this is Dylan Brady, supporting countless musicians with his distinctive approach to production. His latest collaboration sees him working with the captivating vocals of Bloom, a fellow St. Louis native with one hell of a promising debut song. "Raindrops" may be her only song so far, but it's so fully formed that it's hard not to be excited about her future potential.

Even though Dylan's touch is felt throughout the song, this is without a doubt Bloom's song. With her powerhouse vocals sitting right in the middle of the mix, "Raindrops" sees Bloom flexing her vocals to the point of showing off. In the self-directed video, which was shot by fellow artist and HELLA member Lewis Grant, Bloom provides a suitable visual just as minimal but powerful as the track itself.

Watch the premiere of the "Raindrops" video above, and listen to the full version of the song below.

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Photos By: Jessica Page

Photos By: Jessica Page